Toronto, The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern, June 28, 2003
Toronto, Pride Day, Church and Carlton, June 29, 2003

the gang's all here at the 'shoe, 6/28/03. (l-r): Kris, Dave, Moe Brad and Renee. the gang under brighter skies at Pride.  Photo by Peter Lopez.

At the last Horseshoe reunion show, Moe hinted that we'd see them back next year. They were true to their word. While there were no warm-up shows out-of-town this time (perhaps the February show counted as a warm-up), they did do a follow-up show the next day, playing a truncated set as wild as the weather - and the crowd - on the final night of Toronto's Pride Week. For a short interview with Kris previewing Pride from the gay/lesbian paper Xtra, click here. Note the darkening skies in the Pride photos below, some of which were contributed by our new friend Peter Lopez. Also thanks to Dave Gilby for loaning out his camera once again for the rest of the pics you see here.

Rob Winder's photos of the fun are finally available - and many of them are way bigger and better-looking than these! Check 'em out here for the 'shoe and here for Pride!

For MP3s of the 'shoe show, go to the Audio page.

a summery Kris doing her thing Renee getting back those tamourine bruises Brad blowing the summery vibe with a big black shirt. One of our many photos of Moe with his hair swinging in his face.

Moe gets his hair out of his face while Brad and Renee get down. Kris and Brad mano-a-mano. Look!  Isn't that Dave over there?

Kris working it again. Moe in full flight.  Photo by Peter Lopez. Brad reminds Renee how to sing. >;-) Moe being all heartfelt.

The lovely Renee and her lovely scarf. Kris and Moe go at it. The two stars of "Glamorous Death": trumpeter Sarah McElcheran and Brad. Moe screaming screaming screaming.

You can tell it's near the start of the Pride set, because the sky isn't dark.  Dave, Moe and Brad. Kris in a classic rock pose. Photo by Peter Lopez. Renee didn't have an egg to shake on Glamorous Death the previous night, so Kris gave her one from an Indian wedding she'd attended.

Kris lets the guitar do the work, hands raised. Photo by Peter Lopez. The gang tries to beat out the oncoming storm. Photo by Peter Lopez. Moe rails against God under the darkened skies.

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