So why no reunion shows for a couple years? Well, everybody had their lives and it wasn't easy coordinating things; time just went by with no one having much impetus to get anything moving. The release of When We Ruled became that impetus. When was the most logical time for five busy people to get together and play some shows? Boxing Week: when everyone could take holidays. So with a warmup gig for radio contest winners a couple weeks prior, The Pursuit of Happiness played five shows in six days, from Boxing Day to New Year's Eve. It was a pretty surreal situation for five people who hadn't been in a van together for three years, with lives including a husband, two wives, two long-term significant-others, multiple new careers and a newborn baby. But it was a chance to have a lot of fun, dredge up a lot of memories, sell some records, make a lot of people happy and maybe find some closure. The chance was taken, played for all it was worth, and dearly appreciated.

The penultimate show during that week, at Lee's Palace in Toronto December 29, is now featured as our exclusive MP3 of the Week series on the Audio page. For a review of that show, check here. (thanks Brad!) You can find some great video clips of that night, the first night and the last night on our xdrive space (login:, password: pursuit). Here, though, are some photos from some amazing fans who were kind enough to share them. If you have any more photos, please send them along. Huge thanks to Nick Sciarratta, Peter Lopez, Ross Sedgewick, Andrew Lee (who took the photo above), Spencer Taylor, Stephen A. Gazzola (architect, Guelph ON, and our exclusive Waterloo photographer), Mark Inward (our man in Hamilton) and Mitsuyo Okada. Special mention to Kris Abbott-McNeil for her help on Mitsuyo's material.

December 26, Big Buck's Mountain Lodge, St. Catharines

Brad and his chinline beard, 12/26.  Photo by Andrew Lee Kris and Dave, 12/26.  Photo by Andrew Lee Renee without her tamourine guard, 12/26. Photo by Nick Sciarratta Moe and his "The Internet Is Awesome" shirt, 12/26.  Photo by Andrew Lee

December 27, The Underground, Hamilton

Rocking out (l-r): Kris, Brad, Dave, Moe.  Photo by Mark Inward Brad and Renee back to back.  Photo by Mark Inward The gang all focused (l-r): Kris, Dave Moe, Brad, Renee

December 28, Starlight Social Club, Waterloo

Kris and Renee share the mic, 12/28, Photo by Stephen A. Gazzola architect, guelph, on Moe being focused, 12/28. Photo by Stephen A Gazzola (l.-r.) Kris, Moe, Dave, Renee and Brad.  And some lovely poinsettias.  12/28.  Photo by Stephen A. Gazzola

December 29, Lee's Palace, Toronto

Brad and the rips in his jeans, 12/29.  Photo by Ross Sedgewick Kris and Moe in harmony, 12/29.  Photo by Mitsuyo Okada. Renee in full tambourine effect, 12/29.  Photo by Ross Sedgewick
Rene cracking up, 12/29.  Photo by Ross Sedgewick Kris (note the ring) and Brad, 12/29.  Photo by Ross Sedgewick Moe holds court, 12/29.  Photo by Ross Sedgewick

December 31, Victoria Park Bandshell, London

Dave and Moe, playing for more than 20 years, 12/31.  Photo by Spencer Taylor. Kris singing sweetly, 12/31.  Photo by Spencer Taylor Renee and her parka, 12/31.  Photo by Spencer Taylor Moe goes acoustic, 12/31.  Photo by Spencer Taylor
The gang with three-part harmony, 12/31.  Photo by Peter Lopez Brad working it out, 12/31.  Photo by Spencer Taylor Kris does her rock thing, 12/31.  Photo by Spencer Taylor

Some guy screaming in a local celebrity t-shirt, 12/31.  Photo by Peter Lopez

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