Dave Gilby from liner notes of When We Ruled, photo by Caroline Brown
When We Ruled: The Best of the Pursuit of Happiness

Around the time this website began, a nice label in the States called Razor & Tie came up with a TPOH best-of album called Sex & Food. It had lots of neat rare stuff (live cuts, b-sides like "Let My People Go", etc.) mainly because the singles everyone knew were spread out all over the place in terms of ownership and publishing. But it was a great collection.

However, Moe found it sort of awkward to explain to people that TPOH had a best-of album, but it was only available as an import in Canada. It was good these Americans thought to put together a best-of, but if there was going to be a best-of at all, Canadians shouldn't have to buy it as an import.

So this stuck in humble Moe's craw as everyone's lives progressed. Becoming a married man, Moe got to know his wife's friends, one of whom just happened to be married to mega-manager Jake Gold. They discussed what Jake could do to help Moe's career progress at the same pace of his personal life. And the stuff that had stuck in Moe's craw came out.

Jake started doing his thing...and here we have TPOH's long-awaited domestic Canadian best-of album. Not only does it have most of the actual recordings of the singles everyone knows and loves, along with some rare stuff (including the indie version of "I'm An Adult Now" that started everything), the other members of the band with their own progressed lives got together and recorded two new songs: a cover of Prince's "When Doves Cry" and a new song Moe wrote just a couple months before.

Just click on the song title to find the lyrics on that song's respective album page. If you don't have the album the song came from, you may find links there to help you really catch up on what you missed.

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1. I'm An Adult Now (1988 version) 2. When Doves Cry (new)
3. Hey Mary Anne (new) 4. She's So Young 5. Killed By Love
6. Hard To Laugh 7. Two Girls In One 8. New Language
9. Ten Fingers 10. Consciousness Raising as a Social Tool
11. Down On Him 12. Beautiful White
13. Let My People Go (previously unreleased)
14. Take You With Me (previously unreleased)
15. Cigarette Dangles 16. Pressing Lips 17. Kalendar
18. Young and In Love 19. Gretzky Rocks 20. She's the Devil
21. I'm An Adult Now (original 1986 version)

Moe, Dave, Renee, Kris, Brad from When we Ruled.  Photo/design: Caroline Brown - Whitebear Design

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Moe Berg from When We Ruled liner notes.  Photo by Caroline Brown
Kris Abbott from When We Ruled liner notes. Phoho by Caroline Brown
Brad Barker and Rnee Suchy from When We Ruled liner notes.  Photos by Caroline Brown

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