Summer's Over by Moe Berg

The cover of Moe Berg's Summer's Over - click here to download album from MapleMusic!Once upon a time a few years ago, Moe played the Edmonton Folk Festival as just a man and his guitar, and it went very well. This helped plant a bug in his head about writing and recording songs that didn't really fit in the TPOH aural template.

So he rounded up the songs like that he already had and came up with some more (his most autobiographical songs to date) by scratching away stream-of-consciousness in his journal while sitting in various cafes and coffee shops in Toronto.

Then he holed himself up in a studio with some guitars, a kooky old keyboard and the occasional appearance by Joel Anderson on drums, and came out with this odd duck called Summer's Over, which was then released in November of 1997 to the bemusement and eventual delight of many.

Here comes the tracklist. For the lyrics, see here. For Features and Reviews, look below.

Tracks with an asterisk * are also available in live form on mp3 on xdrive. To learn how to get them, see the archive section of the Audio page.

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Features on and Reviews of Summer's Over
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Get this review! Review by Shawn Ohler, Edmonton Journal, January 10, 1998
Get this review! Review and Feature: "Beyond the Pursuit of Happiness" by Carey Weinberg, University of Western Ontario Gazette, January 15, 1998
Get this feature! "Moe Better Blues" by Ian A.D. Jack, ID, February 12, 1998
Get this feature! "Moe Berg's Solo Pursuit" by Simona Chiose, Globe and Mail, February 28, 1998
Get this feature! "Poet-Laureate for the Romantically Challenged" by Shawn Ohler, Edmonton Journal, April 22, 1998
Get this feature! "What Type of Writer Are You?", by Moe Berg, Canadian Musician, May/June 1998
Get this feature! "Moe Berg: Always in Pursuit of Happiness" by Mike Devlin, Victoria (B.C.) Times Colonist, August 16 1998
Get this review! Review en Français: Envoyé par Courant Alternatif, ALGI BabillArts (Montréal), 28 mai 1999

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