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The Ever-Popular Moe Berg Pointing MoveIt sure ain't the same as being there, but it'll have to do. Reviews are sorted by the date and venue of the show. You can get to each review by this icon ripped off from the Downward Node, though you can go from review to review (except for those linked to the outside, of course). This is for any review acquired within the past two weeks. Clearly we can always use more reviews, so if you do come across some more published ones, bring 'em on! For copyright info, see The Rules. (All photos here by Renea Thorsen.)

Dave Gilby trying to keep Moe's pace up.Get the review!The Diamond, Toronto, December 19, 1988
Review by Mitch Potter, Toronto Star, December 21, 1988

Get the review!The Cycle and Truck Show, Winnipeg Convention Centre, March 3, 1989
Review by Gaylene K. Dempsey, Winnipeg Free Press, March 5, 1989

Get the review from the Downward NodeThe Marquee, London, England, June 29, 1989
Review by Andy Hurt, Sounds, July 8, 1989

For you old-schoolers who've never seen Renee Suchy, here's the lady herself. Get this review!Le Rendez-Vous, Winnipeg, July 8, 1990
Review by Bohan Gembarsky, Winnipeg Free Press, July 10, 1990

Get this review!The 9:30, Washington, D.C., September 18, 1990
Review by Mike Joyce, Washington Post, September 20, 1990

Get this review!Chestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia, September 20, 1990
Review by Sam Wood, Philadelphia Inquirer, September 22, 1990

Get this review!Concert Hall, Toronto, April 16, 1993
Review by Alan Niester, Globe and Mail, April 19, 1993

Get this review!The 9:30, Washington, D.C., May 20, 1993the fabulous and stylish Kris Abbott
Review by Nicole Arthur, Washington Post, May 25, 1993

Get this review!Moe Berg solo, Edmonton Folk Festival, August 12, 1995
Review by Bob Remington, Edmonton Journal, August 13, 1995

Get this review from Drop-D5th Annual Arts County Fair, UBC Thunderbird Stadium, Vancouver, April 4, 1996
Review by P. Freako, Drop-D, April 18, 1996

Get this review!The Metro, Sydney, Australia, August 21, 1996
Review by Tony Robson, Beat, August 26, 1996

Get this review!Lee's Palace, Toronto, December 13, 1996
Review by Alan Niester, Globe and Mail, December 16, 1996

Brad and his Shiny Pants.  Note incense burning behind him.Get this review!Barrymore's, Ottawa, December 14, 1996
Review by Ben Rayner, Ottawa Sun, December 16, 1996

Get this review from the Downward NodeTown Pump, Vancouver, February 21, 1997
Review by Alphonse Leong, Drop-D, March 6, 1997

Get this review!Vertigo, Victoria, B.C., February 22, 1997
Review by Kevin Scofield, Exclaim!, May 1997

Get this review!Lee's Palace, Toronto, December 29, 2005
Review by Stuart Green, Exclaim!, February 1, 2006

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