Review of live show at the Metro, Sydney, Australia, August 21, 1996

by Tony Robson, Beat, August 28, 1996

It's hard to believe that it's been ten years since The Pursuit of Happiness first came to prominence with their first single I'm An Adult Now. Of course there have been releases since then, four albums in fact, but Australian audiences have been, shall we say, somewhat slow when it comes to moving units for the Canadian band. That's not to say that they don't have a strong, supportive legion of fans that appreciate Moe Berg's chic geekisms and ass kicking pop tunes. And each and every one of them were at the Metro for this, the first show of their third Australian tour.

While five years is a long time, from the moment that Moe loped on to the stage, the time that has elapsed since their last tour became irrelevant. Immediately I was taken back to a place filled with sweet harmonies, boundless energy, intelligent yet innocent, child-like lyrics and a bespectacled messiah - a place that I'd forgotten existed.

I'm An Adult Now may have been their biggest success, but in this instance it's power paled in comparison to the band's more recent tracks. Their new album Where's The Bone? is undoubtedly the band's best moment. Most notably White Man and Young and In Love (dedicated by Moe to the band's harrowing experience of being trapped in a lift that afternoon) proved that TPOH have lost none of their appeal. As well as new material, the band delved into their discography and pulled out some of their lighthearted yet angst ridden past including Shave Your Legs, Food, and the most beautiful of them all, All I Want.

Two encores later, it was proven once and for all that TPOH are supremo Canadian product. Better than moose, bright red Mountie suits and the X Files all put together. Alanis should take lessons in irony from King Moe.

1995, 1996 Beat Magazine

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