The Rules

If he doesn't call, he's not that interested....

Oh, no - wait a minute. Wrong Rules.

Unless otherwise noted, the full-text articles in this site have not been found anywhere else on the internet. (Those articles that were found on other sites have been linked to those sites, and Incompletely Conspicuous has no other relation to or responsibility for any other content on those sites.)

I've done my best to give credit where it is due. All originating publications for the featured articles have been noted, and if these publications have internet presence, links have been made to them. All known authors and transcribers have been noted as well. Photographs are a more difficult matter, since information on the photographer, originating publication or owner of rights is harder to find. Credits have been made when known. For a full list of links made to sources, refer to the source list page.

If you represent a publication or are an author of any of the material on this site, and you have not gotten proper credit, please feel free to contact me and we will rectify things. (You will have to prove your identity in relation to the material.) All authors and source publications are entitled to the link of their choice (personal site, site for their business, etc.) on their credit.

As always, if you know of a published article or any photo you feel could be added to this site, notify me. You have the same entitlement to a credit/link if the material is added.

The mp3s, unless otherwise noted, are original. If a recording is already available on a CD that people can buy on its own, we will not put it up as an mp3. While we don't spit on people who rip and share, we don't feel right advertising them. Anyone contributing an original mp3 to the site will also be entitled to a credit and/or link. Composer and publisher information is provided, and should be respected. While sharing mp3s of the week is fine and encouraged, any commercial sale of this material (as mp3 or audio CD) is something we really don't like. If you see someone doing it, just let people know they can get the same thing for free on the archive, and maybe those vendors can sell just the snazzy artwork.

And one more little thing...

The materials contained herein are protected under various laws. These materials are for non-commercial use only. Any reproduction, publication, further distribution or public exhibition of materials provided at this site, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited. Any unauthorized use may subject the offender to civil liability and criminal prosecution.

That's it for now. Oh, and if you want to call him first, go ahead!

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