Toronto, the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern, June 22, 2002

Photos by Ron Freede and Rob Winder (1st row 2nd from lft., 3rd row centre 2, 4th row centre). For full-size originals of Rob's and more, go to his site. Learn how to get video clips of this show on the Audio page.

6/22/02: Brad with Renee in full tambourine mode

6/22/02: Moe w/the old glasses
6/22/02: Moe starts with his new glasses. Photo by Rob Winder
6/22/02: Moe in full axe solo mode
6/22/02: Moe possibly telling the Barrie measuring story

6/22/02: Kris given 'er
6/22/02" Kris and Brad likely harmonising on Pressing Lips
6/22/02: Kris letting the axe do the work

6/22/02: Brad and Renee back-to-back as usual
6/22/02: one of the few times someone (Rob) could find Dave back there
6/22/02: Renee working the cowbell. Photo by Rob Winder.
6/22/02: Brad cracking up as he goes back to his place

6/22/02: just Moe
6/22/02: Brad's big moment on Hate Engine.  Photo by Rob Winder.
6/22/02: Kris and Moe between songs

6/22/02: those lovely Kris Abbott harmonies
6/22/02: Moe, Brad and Renee sweating nicely
6/22/02: Brad working it
6/22/02: Moe tellin' it like it is after throwing his axe away...into Kris' mike

6/22/02: Moe at the end of a long happy show

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