Mississauga, Gears 24-Hour Spin Event, Hershey Centre, February 22, 2003

down the aisle among the spinners, 2/22/03
Brad, Moe, Kris, Renee and some of the go-go spinners
Gears, a bike shop that supports some of the greatest elite athletes in the world has an annual thing called the 24-Hour Spin Event, which is like a charity bike-a-thon with pledges sponsoring individuals and teams of riders. It's just that the bikes don't go anywhere. When they got the idea to whip up a big concert to help entertain the troops and add box office to the take, event head Kevin Wallace decided to include one of his favourite bands ever: The Pursuit of Happiness. At last report, this year's event raised about $400,000 for the Trillium Breast Cancer Fund and the Toronto AIDS hospice Casey House. Congratulations to the gang at Gears and all the hundreds of riders for making it such a great experience for everyone.
And thanks to Dave Gilby for lending the webmaster his digital camera.


a gothic Kris harmonizing, 2/22/03
Moe and his stage shoes, 2/22/03
Renee with Brad giving support from behind, 2/22/03
always hard to get a shot of Dave, but it was his camera, 2/22/03
Moe sings as the stage spinners pump up the crowd, 2/22/03
Kris works the hair, which is actually blonde, 2/22/03
Kris doing her Kalendar convulsing thing, 2/22/03
spinners entranced by Renee's tambourine, 2/22/03
ah...the ladies, 2/22/03
Kris and Brad working it, 2/22/03

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Moe drinks in the love, 2/22/03
some of the show's real stars: the spinners, 2/22/03

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