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Okay, so what's everyone been doing since the last tour ended in 1997? Well, lots of stuff. Here's some of it.

Dave Gilby came the closest he's getting to settling down. He's doing the books at one of the most beloved bars in Toronto (The Tap, where he can be found DJ'ing new wave every Wednesday night), and dabbles in web design. And every once in a while, he graces bands with his drumming presence.

Renee Suchy is back in her native Edmonton after making her mark in the Big Smoke for a few years. She's had various singing gigs (including with her sisters, who you should look out for), not the least of which has been alongside her girl-singer predecessor in TPOH, Jennifer Foster. And she brought the house down at a Mönteförte reunion in mid-1999 when she belted out "The Greatest Love of All" in a gold-spangled dress inspired by one worn by a lounge singer back home. Last year, though, she was wearing a wedding gown as she made an honest man of Pursuit Pal sound guy Pat Strain.

Kris Abbott went back to her old stomping grounds in Eastern Ontario to bury herself in IT studies, and came out of it with exemplary grades and a fine geek gig back in Toronto. She worked for quite a while on a multi-genre multimedia solo project reported to be in part, but not exclusively, for children. It was been set for release, revised, shopped again, and now put back on the back burner. Her songwriting and axe-wielding is now in effect with all-girl rock/folk band Jealous Pet, where she also found love with bassist Dee McNeil. The two were married last August.

Brad Barker decided to take his dulcet tones and communication skills to another level, and got himself a degree in radio broadcasting from Humber College in Toronto. Now he combines that education with his life-long love of jazz by hosting a weeknight show and programming music at Toronto's groundbreaking JazzFM91. But he hasn't forgotten how to rock: he spent much of late 1999/early 2000 in the touring band of fellow Haligonian (and one-time TPOH contributor) Melanie Doane, and played on her live album. And of course, there's Monteforte...

Moe Berg, as mentioned elsewhere in this site, put out a solo album called Summer's Over and took his sensitive-guy acoustic thing across the country. He's also put together quite a resumé as a producer, twiddling knobs for (among others) Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars, the Rude Mechanicals, Galore, and National Anthem. And if you're one of those people who thought he'd be good at writing short stories, you were right. He scored his first published story with "The King of Cunnilingus" in the Canadian literary magazine Blood & Aphorisms in early 1999, proceeded to get two more published, and celebrated the release of his first book - a collection of these stories and others, titled The Green Room - in early November 2000. In spring 2001, he made his theatre debut as the music director of the Toronto production of "Hedwig and the Angry Inch." Lately, he's been working on a novel, writing book reviews for and the Edmonton Journal (which you can get to through the Features Index), spins "Guilty Pleasures" every Saturday night at The Tap, and has a short story in Grunt and Groan: The New Fiction Anthology of Work and Sex. He's also been doing well in possibly his most daring and unlikely roles to date: husband to the lovely Laura for the last few years, and as of November 26th, father to the glorious Fireese.

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