To Review...

Okay, so what's everyone been doing since the last tour ended in 1997? Well, lots of stuff. Here's some of it. (Finally updated October 20, 2017!)

Dave Gilby spent years as the manager for the beloved hangout for Pursuit Pals everywhere, The Tap, where he would DJ new wave on Wednesdays and Moe would DJ everything else on Saturdays. When The Tap closed, he went down the street and around the corner to the venerable college-kid mecca The Madison. Most recently, he's been working for Live Nation.

Renee Suchy went back to Edmonton with TPOH sound guy Pat Strain to raise kids and make some music. She made beautiful music with her sisters as The Ambers, making the album Rain and Sun with Moe producing. You may have also seen her walking the aisles as a flight attendant for WestJet.

Kris Abbott went back to her old stomping grounds around Kingston, Ontario and got married to her Strap-Ons bandmate Dee McNeil. After years of fans wondering if we'd ever hear Kris making music again, she made up for lost time by putting out three well-received albums in less than five years with her wife as Kris & Dee. A recent new single release paves the way for more.

Brad Barker decided to take his dulcet tones and communication skills to another level, and got himself a degree in radio broadcasting from Humber College in Toronto. Since 2001, he's combined that education with his life-long love of jazz at Toronto's groundbreaking JazzFM91, where he's been Music Director and Operations Manager. Those dulcet tones can still be heard on-the-air weekday afternoons. But he didn't forget how to rock: he spent much of late 1999/early 2000 in the touring band of fellow Haligonian (and one-time TPOH contributor) Melanie Doane, and played on her live album. And of course, there was Monteforte...

Moe Berg, as mentioned elsewhere in this site, put out a solo album called Summer's Over and took his sensitive-guy acoustic thing across the country. He's continued his work producing young and up-and-coming bands - some of his process was documented in the tv series "Master Tracks" for His mentorship has extended to more aspiring musicians as an instructor in the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. He published a book of short stories, The Green Room, around the time he finally succeeded at love :-) meeting Laura, the woman would become his wife and mother to children Fireese and Hartford. The Berg family often collaborates on music for Laura's business My Small Hands, facilitating communication and pre-literacy by teaching babies and toddlers sign language. After years of shying away from the stage, he made a big return in 2016 as part of the supergroup The Transcanada Highwaymen, touring with Sloan's Chris Murphy, Craig Northey of Odds, and ex-Barenaked Ladies front man Steven Page. He can also be found blogging occasionally at

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