Incompletely Conspicuous: The Pursuit of Happiness

This site is dedicated to the Canadian power pop band The Pursuit of Happiness:
how they have been perceived, some of the nice people who hang with them,
what the hell's been going on since you thought they went off the radar...

...and why did you think that, anyway?

Updates Audio/Video Reunion shows Biography Album Reviews and Lyrics Articles about the band Live Reviews Pursuit Pals - associated bands When We Ruled: the Canadian greatest hits Sex and Food: the American greatest hits Summer's Over - Moe Berg's solo album Monteforte - the crazy cover band!

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Some stuff before that is here.
And before that? You're in the right place...through the magic of classic HTML. :-)
No matter your experience with the band,
there's plenty here to explore and enjoy and learn and complain about.
So make your way around, and if you have any suggestions
or material to contribute, let me know.
Thanks to all of you who have so far.

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Last updated: June 1, 2024
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