Review of The Wonderful World of The Pursuit of Happiness (Iron Music/BMG)

What! A Magazine, November/December, 1996

This is an OK little record that will probably not propel TPOH past its loyal fans. The first single, "She's the Devil," is a basic hard rock shot that sounds nothing like any song the band has ever done. Some people like its chunky '70s FM blast, but it doesn't move me.

While those grooving on "She's the Devil" may not enjoy the smooth harmonies and beautiful melodies that grace every other song, I think it's the perfect antidote to third-hand grunge scenesters. The album is built on super-short songs that all run into each other, like my favourite compilation tape.

Lyrics like "When I'm with you I feel like I'm in Motley Crue" or "you like Bjork and Oasis...I hated you first" may either hit you as too clever or too stupid, but I'll take my pop with a sense of humour any day.

This ain't a rocking record, but as far as pop goes, it's a sweet, ringing guitar candy store. There's also some computer-enhanced stuff here, but my computer isn't into that kind of thing.

1996, What! Publishers Inc.

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