Review of Where's the Bone (Iron Music Group/BMG)

by Amos Carlen, Shift, September/October, 1995

Three and stars

Where is that confounded bone on the cover of The Pursuit of Happiness' latest album, Where's the Bone? Judging by the subject matter on TPOH's last three albums, you'd have to forgive us impressionable listeners for figuring it was stuck somewhere deep in inside Moe Berg's pants. But rock'n'roll has got to have its hormonal content, right? Indeed.

Where's the Bone is not a five star affair. But who gives a damn? Most songs on the album are thoroughly enjoyable. Berg's often humorous lyrics range from poking fun at being white ("We like rap and funk..but when we hit 30 it's Kenny G and James Taylor.") to a hilarious country ode to Wayne Gretzky ("Actually I like the Hawks, but boy oh boy Wayne Gretzky rocks."). Most of the songs stick with TPOH's trademark sound (i.e., unique female harmonies, interesting chords and loud drums). But there are some surprising departures care of a few well-paced sitars, bongos, trumpets and shakers.

A quintessentially Canadian album in the best sense, Where's the Bone stands as TPOH's most ambitious and finest album to date.

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Where's the Bone?