Review of Sex & Food: The Best of The Pursuit Of Happiness (Razor & Tie)

by Shannon McCarthy, Real Detroit Weekly, January 13, 2000

TPOH is possibly one of the best power pop bands to come out of Canada in the last 15 years. Hell, I'll venture to say in all of North America. Starting with '88's Todd Rundgren produced "Love Junk" (God, they're old, but God, do they look great), TPOH paved the way for other independent artists as well as influencing dozens of pop bands today. If you don't remember their name, you should remember their international hits "I'm An Adult Now" and "Cigarette Dangles". Back in the day, 89X and MTV played the hell out of these tunes, but if that is all you heard, I feel sorry for you. This 'best of record' is a great way to get introduced to this amazing band. Songwriter and singer Moe Berg writes some of the most amazing lyrics and rocking songs you'll ever hear. I hate to admit it, but this man is a genius. All the singles and hits are included as well as a few unreleased versions of songs. "Wake Up and Smell Cathy", an unreleased demo and "Take You With Me" really smacked me in the face. These new to public outpourings really show the gentle side of this rocking group. But it isn't always sex and food for this musical combination. Although Berg is the main focus of the band, it would never, ever, be the same with any different combination of members. A thick booklet of liner notes, written by the Canadian icon himself, are included, giving a track by track listing and full notes on each album. The only qualms I have are: where's "Looking For Girls"? And that this record won't get nearly the notice it should.

Reason To Buy: Find out what you've been missing.

Best Listening Experience: Too many to choose from.

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