Review of One-Sided Story (Chrysalis/MCA)

by Mark Lepage, Montreal Gazette, June 2, 1990

"You fill me up and I'm hungry and hour later," sings frontman Moe Berg in the mock-metal sex rant Food. Fittingly, the Pursuit of Happiness returns with another generous helping of Chinese-food rock'n'roll: endlessly tasty, leaving you endlessly hungry for more.

Berg may write pop melodies with a confectioner's ear, but he's got a big, er, guitar fixation to go along with his neurotic horniness. Like the first record Love Junk, One-Sided Story is one man's witty, honest and hyper-subjective love diary, only with a darker and heavier centre.

Melodies in New Language, the Pretender-ish No Safe Place and Shave Your Legs sound the way people imagine AM radio used to sound. Runs in the Family is suffused with Berg's plain-spoken regret over having crushed his girlfriend's innocence, a great piece of writing. Don't miss TPOH tonight at Club Soda: with Berg's charisma, this band could become a pop Guns'N'Roses with a conscience.

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