Review of The Downward Road (Mercury/Polygram)

by Stephen Ostick, Winnipeg Free Press, March 13, 1993

Three stars

One of the most distinctive bands in the country, TPOH deserves better than the also-ran status it has suffered in the past. Perhaps the change of record labels for this, its third major release, will help.

Under the leadership of singer/songwriter/guitarist Moe Berg and producer Ed Stasium (Smithereens, Living Color), the quartet retreads well-worn but still-alluring ground: a blend of heavy guitar and straight-ahead tunes overlaid with honey-sweet female harmonies.

Berg's words are becoming more forceful, almost disturbing. In the past, his sexual fantasies and insecurities made for amusing lyrics that were little more than plaintive yearnings. "I don't want to be bad, but I can't help it," he sings in I'm Ashamed of Myself, reflecting The Downward Road's underlying spirit.

"Your body is my playground," he intones in Honeytime, while claiming during In Her Dreams that, "she giggles at the thought of being defiled." No, Moe, those aren't her dreams - they're yours.

Copyright 1993, Winnipeg Free Press

The Downward Road