Moe Berg toys with novel, Web album

by Paul Cantin, JAM! Showbiz (Canoe Online), April 18, 2001

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, author, critic -- the next item on Moe Berg's diverse resume could be Internet recording artist.

Berg -- late of The Pursuit Of Happiness and currently musical director for the Toronto production of the glam musical "Hedwig And The Angry Inch" -- says he has lately been toying with releasing an album of new material, but not one you're likely to find at a regular record store.

"I am starting to think harder about recording, doing some kind of a record. I'm not sure if it will be a conventional record or a virtual record," Berg told JAM! Music.

"Just doing something that can be downloaded over the Internet -- I am not excited about the idea of trying to get a record deal and getting back on the roller coaster of the business. But I would probably like to do a record and throw it out there.

"I haven't started recording, but I have been writing a lot of songs over the years. At a certain point, I might look at what I have, see what makes sense.

... I'm not sure how it is going to come about. That is my fantasy."

TPOH hasn't toured in four years, and Berg's last extensive solo gigging was three years ago. Aside from the odd solo performance and appearance at songwriting workshop-type shows, music has taken a back seat lately to other pursuits.

He recently published "The Green Room," a book of short stories, and says he's working on his first novel.

"Theoretically, it is a novel, but it is a bit of a mess right now," he jokes. "It is a kind of 'Catcher In The Rye 2000,' but the guy is a little older for his coming-of-age. I think you come of age at an older age these days, in the urban reality of North America," he said, adding there's no title or publishing date set for the project.

Apart from fiction, Berg has written articles for The Globe And Mail's book section (a review of "Coke Machine Glow," the recent book of poetry by The Tragically Hip's Gordon Downie) and Fashion Magazine.

"I am open to various writing assignments. I am doing a bit as freelance, but I don't want to be a music critic," he cautions.

"That is my community, and I have to look at these people in the face. I am more interested in less critical kind of writing assignments.I will be doing some more writing assignments."

As a producer, Berg recently worked with Toronto glam-rockers Robin Black And The Intergalactic Rock Stars.

He also recently scored director Jesse Shamata's "Getting In."

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