Pursuing their dream

by Michael Platt, Calgary Sun, February 25, 1997

The pursuit of popularity has never made Moe Berg a happy man.

Berg, frontman for the Pursuit of Happiness, says playing in front of smaller audiences doesn't make him long for the days of packed arenas and top ten singles.

"It's inevitable that we can't be the newest and most popular band forever," said Berg, hours before the band kicked off their latest tour with a show in Vancouver.

"Our position in pop culture hasn't affected us since our days on college radio," he said. "Hard to Laugh was number two on the charts, behind REM's Orange Crush. When I realized no one could ever surpass them, I decided we were number one anyway.

"Now all that matters is that we can play songs and make records. I'm living my dream."

Pursuit play the 400-seat Purple Turtle in Calgary Wednesday.

With the release of their new album, Wonderful World of the Pursuit of Happiness, and the success of the single She's the Devil, Berg sees his band on an artistic roll.

"We've always been bullheaded about what we want to play," he said. "We have stayed true to our course, without worrying about our popularity, and people have just come along for the ride."

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